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"With over 32 years of legal experience, I've tried and favorably settled hundreds of cases. Yours could be next." 

For over thirty-two years Nevadans have depended on the diligence, skill, and expertise that James Lee brings to each and every case he takes on. James is a lawyer of exceptional grit who has taken on notable and tenacious adversaries including Bank of America, Sanwa Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, and Sierra Health Services Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, to name a few. While other lawyers depend on flashy advertisements and clever slogans, James Lee knows that a hard-won reputation speaks for itself. From bad faith insurance practices to personal injury and unjust discrimination and everything in between, he has been tried and tested and fought tooth and nail at every step on the path toward a judicious outcome. His experience and skill means that no matter the size or power of the opponent, James is capable of consistently securing the best results possible for his clients. Experience for yourself the assurance and comfort which the combination of passion and professionalism tailored to your needs and concerns can bring. 

Lee is also highly-trained and well-qualified in civil mediation and certified by the Nevada Supreme Court as an Arbitrator. He has been practicing in the field with great success for more than ten years and is recognized by clients and colleagues for his enthusiasm, creativity and efficacy in the management of complex disputes.

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Areas of Practice

Serious Injury

Have you been seriously hurt in an accident caused by someone else?

Has a loved one lost their life because someone else was careless? It pays to talk to an experienced personal injury attorney. In fact, the insurance industry's own data shows that people who work with a lawyer on average end up with 3.5 times more money than those who try to handle their own injury claims.When you've been injured, results matter. A good outcome can mean the difference between a comfortable quality of life and a mountain of never-ending medical bills. And because results matter, so, too, does your choice of attorney.

Automobile Accidents

Even a seemingly minor motor vehicle accident can leave you with life-altering injuries. Whether you have suffered severe injuries due to another driver's negligence or have lost a loved one in a fatal accident, you need to have legal representation. Having an experienced attorney on your side, you can be confident that your rights are protected.

mediation services

The high cost and long postponements related with the trial of common issues frequently make litigation an unreasonable strategy for resolving issues. It is possible for attorney fees, expert witness and jury fees and other related expenses to surpass the amount in question. Mediating a case before a lawsuit is filed enables the parties to present their case to a mutually selected neutral person before any money is spent on litigation. The cost of mediating a case is minimal compared to the costs incurred through the life of a lawsuit. James is a highly effective and qualified mediator and is ready to support you in this practical and often prudent enterprise.

Employment Law

If you think you have been discriminated against, harassed or otherwise done harm in the workplace on the basis of gender, nationality, sexuality or disability, or for any reason treated unfairly in the workplace contact us. Injustice in the workplace is a serious matter and this office has years of experience taking businesses to task for unfair practices.

The sense of justice is continuous with the love of mankind.
— John Rawls


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